Multicultural Family Centre

Ensuring all cultures and languages have access to healthcare.

The Multicultural Family Centre (MFC) works with immigrants and refugee communities to deliver culturally-responsive health promotion programs and help address what REACH team members often refer to as the social determinants of health. REACH offers programs and services in over six languages, including English, Spanish, Amharic, Vietnamese, Arabic, Tigrinya and Swahili.

The MFC has created a place where people feel welcome at any time; what we emphasize is safety. We want to build the capacity of participants to identify and manage their health needs, recognizing and enhancing the expertise and participation of the community and its members. Our Cross-Cultural Health Promoters (CCHPs), frontline health workers who are trusted members of the cultural communities served, help to achieve these goals. It's a place where they can connect with other people in the community - often for the first time since they arrived in Canada.

Our Cross-Cultural Health Promoters have training and experience in social work, counseling, medicine, early childhood education, and health promotion. We provide the following programs, designed and implemented in collaboration with community members, at the MFC and at other community locations when appropriate:

Circles of Wellbeing

Community Action Initiative

Our new Circles of Wellbeing event is underway! Funded by the Community Action Initiative, this event aims to connect youth and elders of a variety of cultures with one another to foster learning, acceptance, and a strong sense of community.

MFC Staff

The Cross Cultural Health Promoters (CCHP) at the Multicultural Family Centre are there to help you, no matter what your primary language or your cultural background.

MFC Manager

African CCHP

Arabic CCHP

Latin American CCHP

Latin American CCHP

Latin American CCHP

African CCHP

Vietnamese CCHP


The MFC runs a number of groups aimed at helping community members adjust, in a number of different languages. If you're interested in joining any of the following groups offered by the centre, please give us a call!

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