REACH Staff and Board

The dedicated and hard-working people behind healthcare in your community.

REACH Community Health Centre is led by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by our membership each year at our Annual General Meeting. Their role is to govern the organization in a timely, transparent, and accountable manner by overseeing the performance of the organization and ensuring fiscal integrity and regulatory compliance.

Our directors live or work in Vancouver or are clients of REACH programs. They serve two year terms up to a maximum of four terms. A director should be committed to and knowledgeable about REACH, have the time available to attend regular meetings, and have the appropriate skill set to provide leadership and governance direction to the organization. Board members are expected to support and sign our board job description, statement of confidentiality and conflict of interest policy. Each year a nominating committee is struck to recruit new members based on board needs and our strategic plan.

Board Members

Jane Turner

Neal Jennings

Colleen Fuller

Ruth Herman
Board Member

Bill Hood
Board Member

Emma Macklem
Board Member

Scott Clark
Board Member

Jim LeMaistre
Board Member

Alice Munro
Board Member

Karen Dean
Board Member

Mike Ma
Board Member

Piotr Majkowski
Board Member

Diana Day
Board Member


The administration team works behind the scenes to ensure REACH continues as a mainstay in the Commercial Drive community.

Geoff Trafford
Executive Director

Administrative Assistant

Facilities Coord.

Financial Coord.

Accounts Payable

Engagement and Outreach Coord.

Department Managers

Each department contributes to REACH in different ways, but together, we address the social determinants of health and ensure everyone has access to health care, whatever their needs.

Manager - Medical Clinic

Patricia Dabiri
Manager - Multicultural Family Centre

Manager - Dental Clinic

Afshin Jaberi
Manager - Pharmacy

Join Our Team!

We're often looking for qualified doctors, nurses, and support staff to join our team. Check back often for opportunities to be a part of REACH!

Medical Office Assistant
Medical Coordinator

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