Our pharmacy is open to everyone.

**Please be aware that our pharmacist is on vacation until March 20, 2017, and the pharmacy will be closed until then. Sorry for any inconvenience!**

Did you know that REACH has its own non-profit pharmacy that offers a full range of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications at affordable and competitive prices? Everyone is welcome and encouraged to use our pharmacy; you do not need to be a REACH patient!

By filling your prescription at REACH, you are supporting the mission and vision of our Health Center to deliver quality medical care to the community. All proceeds from the pharmacy go towards funding the Health Centre's various operating functions. For those who are patients at REACH, having a convenient on-site pharmacy means our pharmacist collaborates with your care provider to determine the most appropriate medication and/or drug therapy.

There are virtually no wait times for your prescriptions, and we can offer free delivery if you are located near our Health Centre. The pharmacy can also offer services in English, Farsi, and Dari. Translation services for other languages may also be available through our Multicultural Family Centre.

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Dental and MFC

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Contact by Phone

General: 604-251-3000
Medical: 604-254-1354
Pharmacy: 604-216-3136
Dental: 604-254-1331
MFC: 604-254-6468

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