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Who Are We?

REACH Community Health Centre strives to be more than just a doctor or dentist's office. Our interdisciplinary team offers a variety of health and social services under one roof:

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REACH is a registered charity governed by an elected Board of Directors, and a member of The Canadian Alliance of Community Health Centre Associations (CACHCA). Our board regularly undertakes community consultations and updates our strategic plan, strategic direction and values statement.

Our Values


We believe that all people, regardless of gender, race, ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age or other economic or developmental factors should have access to an appropriate and wide range of integrated health and social services.


We recognize economic or developmental factors that affect access to health care, and we are committed to reducing health inequities through our programs, services, and advocacy.


We believe in the dignity and self-worth of all people, where the client's autonomy, voice and right to informed consent is respected, and endeavour to support all cultural perspectives on health and healing.


We acknowledge that a person's health must be understood holistically, with an appreciation for the interrelationship of physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects.


We recognize the role that community plays in the health of its residents and the importance of developing community partnerships and engagement, encouraging community development, and providing community health education.


Recognizing the impact of social and economic health status on population health, we will take steps to educate our community and partners about the importance of addressing health inequities and support our service providers to provide proactive care.

Supporters and Funders


102-2732 E Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z9

Dental and MFC

501-1750 E 10th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5N 5K4

Contact by Phone

General: 604-251-3000
Medical: 604-254-1354
Pharmacy: 604-216-3136
Dental: 604-254-1331
MFC: 604-254-6468

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